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Formerly tiny postcards, two spectacular large scale black and white canvas prints now decorate the walls of The Lily Pad’s studio pavilion.

One of the prints features the old Byron Bay Pier in the 1950s and the other features a large closeup of the famous ship the TSS Wollongbar which was grounded off the beach in 1921 during a storm.

Professional high resolution scanning techniques were used to convert the tiny 10cm x 5cm old postcards into wall art measuring over 1 metre in size. The postcards were discovered in the main house located at the front entrance to the property, prior to its renovation in the late 1990s.


“Wollongbar” Loading at Byron Bay


“The Jetty” Byron Bay 

Read more about the history of the TSS Wollongbar here in this article from The Northern Star. You can see the anchor at Belongil Beach. Read more about the old Byron Bay jetties.

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