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Food Forest. Spice Trail. Permaculture Design.


This 50 acre tropical rural property features a mix of lush scenic gardens, rural paddocks and native forest. Located 2.5km from Byron Bay town, it’s a just a few minutes’ drive to Main Beach, shops and restaurants.


The main paddock is home to horses from The Herd which offers equine experiences such as horsemanship and personal development. Contact Ingela 0401 569 656 for details and bookings.


The property is bounded by a mix of native trees and reforested vegetation, providing a natural privacy screen from the road and passing cars. As a result, The Lily Pad and its farm surrounds are quiet and peaceful, with a lush, scenic outlook.


Originally built in the early 1900s, the main farmhouse is a traditional Queenslander. In 2001, a major renovation and extension was carried out, to restore the farmhouse to its former glory and provide extra living space. A passive solar design was employed by architect Chris Barnett from Third Skin Sustainability Design and builder Simon Bristol from Habitat Constructions.


The garden mounds provide a privacy screen between the main farmhouse and The Lily Pad rural studio. Planted with a mix of native vegetation and tropical ornamentals such as heliconia, the mounds will continue to evolve and grow.


The Lily Pad rural studio overlooks scenic tropical gardens and expansive grassy paddocks. Two architect designed pavilions provide accommodation for couples and families with sleeping space for 2 – 4 guests. Call (02) 6684 7728 to book your stay in paradise!


Behind The Lily Pad, a cool meditation zone is created under the shade of the giant old mango tree, flanked by two huge old pecan nut trees which provide a feast on the ground for those strong enough to open their shells.


The pond is home to a range of water plants, most notably water lilies which give The Lily Pad rural studio its name. A mesh barrier is working well to keep those pesky cane toads out!


The food forest opposite The Lily Pad has evolved around the central sandstone fire pit and big camphor laurel stump. The edible gardens feature a mix of native and exotic fruit trees and include a citrus grove, paw paw circle and a collection of spices such as ginger, galangal, turmeric and cardamon. It will continue to evolve, grow and change over time.

The Lily Pad sits on a picturesque 50 acre tropical rural property 2.5 km to Byron Bay town and Main Beach. In addition to The Lily Pad, the property features a large main farmhouse and a mix of open paddocks, regrowth forest, protected habitats and edible gardens.

It’s been in the same family for over 60 years and was formerly a dairy farm, with a few remnants of original farm machinery remaining today, including an old Lister pump which we hope to restore and get working again.

The main cleared paddock is home to a couple of horses.  The main house is a traditional Queenslander style, built in the early 1900s, complete with 3 metre wide hardwood verandahs. A contemporary extension and renovation was carried out in 2001, adding a new bedroom and contemporary living wing.

The Lily Pad at Byron was built in 2013 and features two pavilions with a lush, tropical rural outlook, just a 5 minute drive to Byron Bay town and Main Beach. Holiday guests stay at The Lily Pad, enjoying the peace and relaxation offered by the farm surrounds.

An edible “Food Forest” has evolved opposite The Lily Pad, with a sandstone fire pit as the central feature and a selection of exotic and native trees and shrubs that will mature over time. In keeping with the food forest concept, we aim to add vertical layers to this part of the garden with the addition of extra edible shrubs and ground covers in seasons to come.

A major new addition to the farm has been the establishment of a dam, fed by a natural spring, which sits adjacent to the newly formed “Spice Trail” garden. Here we have planted fragrant turmeric, galangal and gingers among a series of meandering pathways. A Davidson Plum has also been added to the mix and we can’t wait for it to start fruiting.

Behind The Lily Pad, we like to call this the “Cool Meditation Zone” which has naturally formed underneath a big old mango tree. It’s a cool, quiet space to wander and reflect.

The Lily Pad farm will continue to grow and change with the seasons and as time allows.

CONTACT PH: +61 418 625 298