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In 2018, we were the recipients of a ‘Koala Connections’ grant for bush regeneration from Byron Shire Council due to the high ecological values of the property.

One of the aims of the bush regeneration program has been to support and protect significant koala habitat identified on the property. While we have certainly heard the koalas in the trees (they sound like wild pigs at night!) we have only recently just spotted one in the wild, climbing high in a tree just a few steps from The Lily Pad studio pavilion. Priceless.

Take a look at some of the incredible pictures of bushland and rainforest that lie beyond the manicured lawns of The Lily Pad. You’ll see a mix of large established trees, natural bush, wild dense rainforest and remnants of paddocks and agricultural activities. If left unchecked, voracious, snaking vines can wrap themselves around giant native trees, effectively “strangling” them. The bush regeneration program will address this issue and help to restore balance to the natural environment.

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